TePee Spa

144 Tepee St. • Thermopolis, WY 82443
Phone: 307-864-9250

Tepee Spa is located at Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis.
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Exhilarating hot water fun is packed into several attractions and additions at the Tepee pools and spa.The long-popular facility, also know as Hot Springs Water Park, has had several major improvements over the years. Pools are available inside and out, along with a sauna, steam room, hot tub, slides and game room. A selection of swimsuits, T-shirts, hats and more are featured in the gift shop.

Several outdoor hot tubs offer a varying water temperature, and have proven very popular with the guests. There are three outside hot tubs that range from warm, hot, and very hot to suit your needs, all of them have water jets that can be turned on if you so desire. The most popular attractions are most likely the water slides. A 162 ft indoor, all weather slide is available year round, and competes with its 272 ft brother outside that is open during the summer months. Those looking for a little competition will find basketball hoops available inside and out for you to brush up on that game of water basketball with friends and family.

The TePee Pools are located inside the Hot Springs County State Park. The park has many things to offer, including the hot springs, said to be the largest in the world, that empty out into the river creating the beautiful terraces. There is also the Buffalo Pasture, one of the biggest park attractions. Open year round for you and your family to drive through and see these wonderful creatures close up. There are also tons of grass and play areas for you and your family to have fun in.

There are full Bar-B-Q facilities in the park, with covered grills and picnic tables in many places. There is a walking path that meanders around the terraces and leads to a very large swinging bridge that crosses the river, providing an alternative view of the springs from the other bank.

There is a shaded patio area near the pool complete with picnic tables for you to enjoy a leisurely outdoor lunch without having to stop the fun in the water and sun. The Tepee also features a very large grassy area for sunbathing or just lounging around.

The Tepee also features a Watus Therapist on duty, just check with the front desk or call to make an appointment.

The Tepee is open form 9 am to 9 pm daily.

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