Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

One Depot Square/121 W. 15th St., Suite 202 • Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-638-3388 • Fax: 307-778-1407

The Cheyenne Chamber is located at One Depot Square in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
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A blend of the old and new West, Cheyenne, Wyoming has a cultural diversity and variety unlike most communities. By mixing tradition with innovation, the community offers something for every taste and every budget. Cheyenne has built a strong community with a volunteer spirit and a helping hand for anyone in need.

From its inception in 1867, Cheyenne has always been a railroad and military town, but it is also a center for business, education and government. As Wyoming's capital city, Cheyenne is home to large contingents of state, federal and local government and a large private service sector based on the government economy. One of every three employees in Cheyenne works for government.

Cheyenne's largest employer is F.E. Warren Air Force Base, with about 4,200 military and civilian employees. Federal government has over 3,000 non-military employees in Cheyenne, and state government has nearly as many. Laramie County School District Number 1 and United Medical Center are also major employers.

Union Pacific Railroad remains the largest private employer with about 800 employees. Other large private employers include refineries, hotels, nursing homes, discount retail stores, banks, mail-order companies, light industrial, telecommunications, and a credit card servicing firm, with smaller businesses making up a growing retail and service sector.

While appreciating the stability of its government-based economy, Cheyenne's business community is actively working to diversify the economy and expand the economic base. The recent addition of several high-profile national businesses and industries is being hailed as a positive step toward that goal.

The city is well known for the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration, which combines the world's largest outdoor rodeo with the a variety of music acts including the latest country music stars. The event features four parades, three pancake breakfasts and historic entertainment like the old-fashioned melodrama and gunslingers.

Western culture and history can be found throughout the year at numerous museums.

Cheyenne is not all cowboy hats and spurs. The city hosts many performing artists from near and far, including popular singers, dancers and touring productions. It is home to the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, a professional symphony that is regarded as one of the best in the nation for a community this size. Other groups, such as the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players and a host of talented high school artists, help provide the community with a variety of cultural activities that continues through the year.

Whether you’re here to visit or here to stay, there is always something happening in Cheyenne!

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