Fort Laramie Firsts

First Permanent settlement in state of Wyoming - Fort William, 1834.

First Drunk Driving Fatality in Wyoming - 1841; the Sioux chief Susu-ceicha fell off his horse and broke his neck after riding back and forth between Fort John and Fort Platte, "receiving strongly drugged liquor."

First Military Post in State of Wyoming - 1849; with the purchase of fur-trade post Fort John by the Army, becoming Fort Laramie, a military installation.

First School in the State of Wyoming - as early as 1856; formal classes taught at Fort Laramie - the first recorded teacher was Post Chaplain Reverend Vaux.

First Post Office in the State of Wyoming - established on March 14, 1850; the oldest continuously operating post office in Wyoming.

First Major Indian Battle of the Northem Plains Indian Wars - Grattan fight, 1854.

First Iron Bridge in state of Wyoming - Army Iron Bridge constructed in 1875 on the North Platte River.

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