Tisdale Divide
7 miles south of Exit 298 on Hwy 196

Wyoming in the 1880s was an open range controlled by cattle kings. Some of the powerful stockgrowers thought rustling was a problem, but others were just as concerned about the influx of small operators who used government land grants which threatened the open range. John A. Tisdale, one of the small operators, was dry-gulched in a gully just north and east of this spot as he returned home from a shopping trip to Buffalo in late November, 1891. Locals were outraged by the killing of this respected family man.

Frank Canton, a former Johnson County sheriff was accused of the murder, but he was never brought to trial. Stock detectives, such as Canton, were hired by the Wyoming Stock Growers Association to protect their large herds and to intimidate would-be ranchers.

This incident, coupled with the murder of Orley E. Jones a few days earlier, set the stage for the infamous invasion of Johnson County in April, 1892.

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