Cadillac Grille & Billy's Giant Hamburgers

55 N. Cache • Jackson, WY 83001
Phone: 307-733-3279 • Fax: 307-739-0110

The Cadillac Grille is at 55 N. Cache Street on the famous town square in downtown Jackson Hole.

Billy's Giant Hamburgers is right next door to the Cadillac Grille.

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Established over 20 years ago, the Cadillac Grille is really a complex of four distinct dining experiences. They offer; extraodinary dining made with the freshest ingredients, an excellent wine selection, top shelf liquors, served by our friendly-courteous staff. Open daily at 11:30, our customers can have an outrageous meal for lunch or dinner, and/or the famous Billy's Giant Burger.

The heart of the establishment is the Cadillac Grille dining room which offers the finest food and service on the planet. The dress in the dining room ranges from "camp casual' to "evening on the town" elegant. However you show up at the door, you can expect the fine and excellent service.

At the other end of the store front we have Billy's Giant Hamburgers, a fifties style diner where the world's best hamburger is king. Billy's Giant Hamburger is a dream come true for the owners.  Ken Rominger has always searched for the "Best Burger" possible.  Billy's was created to stop the search, and bring the best burger to Jackson.

You and your entire family can always enjoy one of the famous half pound burgers in Billy's or in the bar of the Cadillac Grille.  Sit back and relax, Billy's is not fast food, everything is prepared from scratch. Their famous hamburgers are made of one half pound, freshly ground lean chuck.  Served on a toasted sesame seed bun with crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh sliced tomato, and a sweet red onion slice!

Between these two great restaurants is the family friendly Cadillac Lounge where you can order you favorite libation and food off both the dining room and Billy's menu. Frankly, the family friendly lounge is a little bit louder than the dining room, for here you are likely to meet a friendly mixture of travelers from all over the world and many of the colorful folks that make up the local trade.

The lounge is a great place to share your Jackson Hole adventures with others and if you don't mind friendly laughter and a festive atmosphere, it is a great place for a trail weary family to chow down on selections from our dining room and Billy's Giant Hamburgers. Naturally if you are of sufficient age, you can order libations created by expert bar tenders and enjoy the fine wines of the world from their extensive award winning wine list.

Finally they have the seasonally available Cadillac Garden Terrace where you can entertain your large group or function. The Cadillac Grille is the perfect location for your large group and special functions. The main dining room can accommodate up to 90 guests comfortably. Special seating is available for private groups from 20 to 60 as well, along with a covered~heated deck. They would be happy to custom design a menu just for your function, along with a personalized menu, recognizing your group or function! Christmas parties, wedding dinners, cocktail parties, corporate functions and family reunions have all happened here.

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