Bozeman Trail Gallery

190 N. Main • Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307-672-3928 • Fax: 307-672-2616

The Bozeman Trail Gallery is located on Main Street in the heart of beautiful downtown Sheridan.
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Wyoming and the American West were founded upon the lives of cowboys and Indians and the dream of westward expansion. These important historical figures and events continue to live on, cherished and recorded in a variety of western art and authentic collectibles.

Although locating such influential pieces can be extremely difficult, Bozeman Trail Gallery specializes in finding, displaying, and selling 19th and 20th century fine western art and collectibles. Nestled on the eastern slope of Wyoming’s beautiful Big Horn Mountains, the Bozeman Trail Gallery in Sheridan is your one stop source for an assortment of high quality art and rare artifacts.

Whether you’re in the market to add new pieces to your personal collection or are simply browsing, Bozeman Trail Gallery will service all your needs and surpass your highest expectations. Styles and subject matter of painted pieces range from landscapes to portraiture and sporting art to pastoral Western scenes.  Stand in amazement of famous Western artists who depicted quiet river vistas and vases of colorful flowers, solitary cowboys meditating on a lonesome grassy plain, Indians moving camp, and brave Indian warriors mounted for battle.  These scenes and many others line the walls of Bozeman Trail Gallery. Featured deceased and contemporary artists include E.M. Hennings, C.M. Russell, J.H. Sharp, Edward Borein, Hans Kleiber, Frederic Remington, W.H. Dunton, Henry Farny, C. Rungius, Will James, Joe DeYong, John Fery, E.W. Gollings, Stanley Galli, O.C. Seltzer, Ned Jacob, T.A. Lawson, Tom Waugh, Ramon Kelley, Dave Powell, G.C. Delano, Ace Powell, N. Eggenhofer, Henry Ziegler, Buckeye Blake, O.E. Berninghaus, Karen Vance, Bruce Graham, Geoff Parker, D. Michael Thomas, and Joel Ostlind.

In addition to a wide variety of paintings, Bozeman Trail Gallery proudly displays cowboy material and Native American artifacts. Marvel at the saddles, spurs, and bits once used by real American cowboys, or imagine yourself wearing chaps and carrying one of the Colt Pistols on exhibit. Native American artifacts feature intricate beadwork and cultural items ranging in date from the early 1800s to the 1920s, including pictorial jackets, moccasins, cradles, knife sheaths, and tomahawks. For those interested in Navajo pieces, the gallery offers a collection of handcrafted Navajo rugs and blankets.

Owned by knowledgeable collectors with discriminating taste, Bozeman Trail Gallery expertly blends the American West with fine art encompassing a range of prices. Not finding what you’re looking for? The owners are more than happy to help you locate a specific western artist or Indian artifact you desire to add to your private collection.

Utilizing their extensive familiarity with the 19th and 20th century western art market, the owners of Bozeman Trail Gallery continually seek new pieces to add to the gallery.  So stop by and discover the rare art pieces often only found in the Bozeman Trail Gallery, but don’t just stop once.  The gallery’s collection is constantly changing, and new pieces and artifacts are always available to amaze you and inspire your curiosity about western history.
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