Phillips & Company

111 W. 2nd Suite 101 • Casper, WY 82601
Phone: 307-265-6684

Phillips and Company is located one block west of Center Street in the Petroleum Building.

Phillips and Company is a real estate firm specializing in the listing, selling and management of ranch and recreational properties in Wyoming and the surrounding states. It was originated in 1979 by John and Mantha Phillips.

The headquarters are located in Casper, Wyoming making it possible to serve properties throughout Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Nebraska.

Phillips and Company's philosophy is to provide a service to our clients through specialization in one are. Over the past 26 years our focus has been geared to those ranch and recreational properties possessing the qualities that will maintain their desirablility in the future.

We broker ranch properties to clients not only from the United States but also to foreign investors from such countries as Switzerland, Belgium, and the Dominican Republic. Today, much of our business is afforded us from these previous clients. Because of this continued relationship with past investors, Phillips and Company has had the opportunity to participate in the purchase and resale of several large properties.

Due to the success we have experience in these transactions and profits realized by our investors, the interest in acquiring such properties has increased greatly.

Prior to Phillips and Company being involved in the actual purchase and resale of these properites, absentee investors were uncomfortable with having no one on site to oversee these projects. Phillips and Company provides this on site representation for the investor or absentee owner.

Since our first project of this type in 1988, we have changed the course of our long term goals. Because of the control and predictability of the sellers connected with these properties, our focus has moved from brokering to becoming an active participant in the purchase and resale of such properties. However, we intend to continue listing and selling properties as well.

Phillips and Company appreciates your interest and looks forward to working with you.

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