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Wind River Mercantile

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Established in 1978, the Wind River Mercantile in downtown Riverton is the natural choice for healthy living. Mercantile patrons not only enjoy great service, but access to a broad variety of health related items.

Supplement your body’s vitality with an array of vitamins and herbs. Among the many vitamin lines carried by the mercantile are Enzymatic Therapy, Nature’s Life, Nature’s Plus, Nature’s Secret, Now Foods, Renew Life, and Twin Labs. The extensive herb line includes Dragon River Herbs, Flower Essence Society, Herbs for Kids, Nature’s Way, Solaray, Wind River Herbs, and many more. Customer needs are further met with a selection of over 200 in-stock bulk herbs.

Concerned about healthy eating or adhering to special dietary guidelines? Wind River Mercantile’s grocery section is your answer! A huge assortment of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, a large frozen food section, and a vast array of gluten free products can make any meal a tasty, nutritional success. In addition, bulk grains, raw nuts, dried fruits, and a large Atkins food section cater to each customer’s unique dietary needs.

For those interested in pampering their bodies with only the finest, natural ingredients, visit the mercantile to find an impressive body care section. Lines for both hair and skin protect your body naturally while providing a healthful glow. Customers can further enhance their natural experience with the mercantile’s selection of aromatherapy and flower essences. While several essential oils are available prepackaged, customers are also encouraged to purchase empty bottles and create their own custom blend from a variety of essential ingredients.

In addition to its selection of health related items, Wind River Mercantile has recently renovated their space to include a section next door called “The Other Side.” Browse through the healing crystals, unique jewelry, and large selection of books, tapes, and CDs. Here, customers also have access to an extensive variety of imported goods from India, Mexico, and Bali. Among these imported items are handmade Batik clothes from Bali, sarongs and scarves, hand-carved gift boxes from India, drums, incense burners, mirrors from Mexico, chimes, partitions, pottery, cushion covers, pillows, rugs, blankets, bedspreads, and tapestries. Not only do these items provide a cultural touch to your home, but they also make ideal gifts for those with discriminating taste.

The Other Side also proudly offers a tearoom as part of its reading area. Patrons can sample a variety of drinks and scrumptious desserts in the midst of a fun dining atmosphere.

For customer convenience across the world, Wind River Mercantile and The Other Side happily accept mail orders and all credit cards. So whether you’re shopping on-line or in downtown Riverton, discover the mercantile’s trademark service and friendly smiles as they strive to help you stay naturally healthy!

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