Fort Laramie
National Historic Site

Officers Row at Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Headquarters Phone:
(307) 837-2221
Fax: (307) 837-2120
Write to: HC 72, Box 389, Fort Laramie, WY 82212

Operating Hours, Seasons
The Fort grounds are open from 8:00 am until dusk every day of the year. The Fort museum and Visitor Center is open daily at 8:00 am with extended hours during the Summer, May 26 through September 30.

Park entrance, grounds and visitor center accessible. Many historic structures are partially accessible.

Getting Around
Walking tours of grounds, features and historic buildings. Mobility assistance available. Contact visitor center.
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Entrance Fee: $3.00 for 7 Days; $15.00 for Annual; Visitors 16 and under are free.

Fort Laramie Visitor Center: Open All Year 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend 8 a.m.–7 p.m. 837-2221

Closures: Visitors Center closed annually on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Days, but park grounds remain open.

Available Facilities: Includes visitor orientation, auditorium, museum and exhibits, as well as the Fort Laramie Historical Association Bookstore.

Articles and Information
Fort Laramie History
Virtual Tour
Chronological List of Fort Laramie History
Where Myth and Reality Merge
Significant Characters of Fort Laramie
Fort Laramie Firsts
Plains Indians
"Fort Laramie" by David L. Heib

Visitor's Center Interpretive Signs
Fort William 1834-1841
Fort John 1841-1849
Fort Laramie 1849-1859
Fort Laramie 1859-1869
Fort Laramie 1869-1979
Fort Laramie: 1879-1890
Fort Laramie 1890-Present
Fort Laramie and the Fur Trade
Fort Laramie and the Westward Movement

Site Interpretive Signs
The Rustic Hotel
The Post Hospital
Noncommissioned Officers Quarters
Site of Workshops, Storehouses and Stables
Cavalry Barracks
The Sutler's House
Commissary Storehouse
The Post Bakeries
Site of Army Bridge
Fort Laramie and the Fur Trade
Officers' Quarters
Ice Houses
CO.'s Chicken Coop (Built in 1881)
Refinement at Fort Laramie
Officers Quarters
Old Bedlam
John (Portugee) Phillips
Magazine (Built in 1849)
Infantry Barracks
"Officers Row"
The Sutler's Store
Fort Laramie Army Bridge
Fort Laramie and Telegraph
Electrical Engineering Milestone

Brief Overview:

Fort Laramie—the Crossroads of a Nation Moving West. This unique historic place preserves and interprets one of America’s most important locations in the history of westward expansion and Indian resistance.

In 1834, where the Cheyenne and Arapaho travelled, traded and hunted, a fur trading post was created. Soon to be known as Fort Laramie, it rested at a location that would quickly prove to be the path of least resistance across a continent. By the 1840s, wagon trains rested and resupplied here, bound for Oregon, California and Utah.

In 1849 as the Gold Rush of California drew more westward, Fort Laramie became a military post, and for the next 41 years, would shape major events as the struggle between two cultures for domination of the northern plains increased into conflict. In 1876, Fort Laramie served as an anchor for military operations, communication, supply and logistics during the “Great Sioux War.”

Fort Laramie closed, along with the frontier it helped shape and influence in 1890. Its legacy is one of peace and war, of cooperation and conflict; a place where the west we know today was forged.

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